K3 Curriculumn

Language Arts

Follows directions

Follows a series of two related directions

Speaks in sentences of three or more words

Listens to adults and children

Repeats simple nursery rhymes

Shows an interest in books

Enjoys listening to books read aloud

Writes in various ways (scribbling or letter-like forms)

Matches Colors


Identifies circles

Identifies diamonds

Identifies hearts

Identifies ovals

Identifies rectangles

Identifies squares

Identifies stars

Identifies triangles

Sorts objects using one attributes

Recognizes and duplicates AB patterns

(red, blue, red, blue)

Counts orally to 10

Chooses 3 objects

Participates with group counting to 20


Uses the 5 senses to investigate

Identifies  body parts

Expresses wonder and asks questions about natural happenings

K3 Curriculum

Social Science

Participates in role-playing activities

Identifies family members (immediate and extended)

Personal and Social Development

Follows rules and routines

Joins in play with others

Engages in cooperative group play

Interacts with others showing empathy and caring

Willing to help in classroom setting

Manages transitions and adapts to changes in environment

Begins to show independence with personal belongings in the classroom

(hangs backpack, hangs coat, etc.)

Demonstrates independence with individual projects

(colors, cuts, glues, ect.)

Uses socially acceptable ways to resolve conflict

Respects adult authority

Uses appropriate skills when expressing needs, wants, and feelings

Physical Development

Balances on one foot

Hops on one foot


Throws ball overhead

Shows interest and desire to button and zip

Copies circles, vertical lines, and crosses

Cuts with scissors

Works puzzles

Strings beads

K3 Curriculum

The Arts

Shows interest in art activities

Participates in group music experiences

Sings a variety of simple songs

Shows interest in creative movement and drama activities