Tuition at Immanuel Lutheran School in Five Forks



You may download our current Tuition Schedules below.

Immanuel only accepts Tuition Payments made by direct debit from a bank account to keep expenses down and minimize the need to raise tuition rates.  You will be provided an enrollment for providing your  payment option for the year.  You will add your banking payments information on the secure Sandbox Parent Portal.  You may prepay your tuition, however no discount is provided for a prepayment.  

Fees for Administration, Activities and Supplies are to be paid upon enrollment to ensure your child's placement in our school and are paid  by personal check. 

Dates of Payment

Tuition Payments for attendance at Immanuel Lutheran School in Five Forks will be deducted from accounts on the 10th of each month a payment is due.

Preschool Payments (total of 9) are due the months of July and then September through April.

Kindergarten Payments (total of 10) are due the months of May and July and then September through April.

Late Payments

In the event that your automatic payment is disallowed, we will notify you to make arrangements for payment.  If a payment is not made by the 20th of the month, a late fee of $20 will be assessed. 

Viewing your Account

You may view your account status at anytime through the Sandbox Parent Portal 

Receipts for use in filing your income tax returns are available through the Sandbox Parent Portal.

We recommend using Chrome as your Internet Browser for accessing the Sandbox Parent Portal.